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 Peter Strohkorb, Speaker, Author, Executive Mentor, Business Coach

Peter Strohkorb, Speaker, Author, Executive Mentor, Business Coach


(Sorry, this offer is for new clients only.)

To Be Successful In Business I Say You Need To Master 10 Competencies:

  1. A brand that differentiates you from others and lets people know where to "pigeonhole" what you do
  2. A well-defined product or service to sell
  3. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or a Killer Introduction, that intrigues your prospects and makes them want to know more about you and your business
  4. A clear definition of your ideal customers
  5. Knowledge of where to find them
  6. The understanding of how to get to them effectively and interest them in you
  7. Know-how to eliminate your competitors so that your business becomes the buyers' final and only choice
  8. The skills to get your prospects to transact with you
  9. A superior customer experience, post-purchase
  10. Know how to keep customers loyal and win their repeat business

Do you have all 10 ? Would you like my help with any of the above ?


WHAT? Your First Coaching Session With Peter For Only US$97 !

Normally US$497+tax (if applicable)


Plus: Receive US$870 in value for only US$97 :

  • A 45-Minute Online Private Mentoring Session with Peter Strohkorb himself !
  • Peter's 288-page internationally acclaimed book 'The OneTEAM Method'
  • Peter's Paper on 'The 7 Top Mistakes in Sales & Marketing Alignment' 
  • Peter's 30-page Sales & Marketing Collaboration Research Report
  • Free subscription to Peter's  weekly'The Smarketing News' newsletter
  • Free membership of Peter's 'The Sales+Marketing Collaboration Community' group on LinkedIn

Peter's insight and  BUSINESS advice Have benefited CLIENTS on three continents:

“Peter has been extremely influential in the growth and expansion of my business. His ability to quickly assess and advise on situational opportunities has allowed me to thrive and focus on what’s important and identify and avoid pitfalls. I respect and have come to depend on his mentorship and guidance. ”
— Todd Stewardson, Advisory Board Member, USA
“I highly recommend Peter to any business that is looking for a consultative approach that simply just works.”
— Mark Iles, Executive Consultant, Cloud & Software at Tech Research Asia
“I have worked with Peter over the last year and found it an enjoyable and beneficial experience. He has both provided guidance and challenged my point view which has ultimately assisted in providing clarity on the marketing strategy for growing my business.
In addition, Peter has introduced me to his extensive network of trusted professionals which has been of great value.”
— Justin Gale, Managing Director at Ventiv Technologies, Australia

What OTHER CLIENTs Say about PETER'S Coaching Program:

“Peter comes across as a person who (a) thinks beyond his time; (b) appreciates working across cultures & dynamics and (c) is well conversant to our business model and also mentors me when it comes to leadership, growth and selling.
His concept in SMARKETING I found is quite unique, which I applied at a recent $80 mil business deal that we won, and I attribute a lot to Peter.”

— Prosun G, Business Head, Cognizant

“Peter’s insights, knowledge and contacts are really valuable to my business and to me personally.”

— Managing Director, Insurance Brokerage Firm

“I feel more organised and make better decisions, more quickly and more decisively.”

— Startup CEO

“After connecting with Peter on LinkedIn he provided me with an open mind, wide open ears, and a consultative approach that completely changed my approach for the better.”

— CEO, International Outsourcing Organisation

“I highly recommend Peter to any business that is looking for a consultative approach that simply just works.”

— CEO, National Services Business

“Peter helped me to avoid costly mistakes by guiding me in the right direction using a logical approach that just made sense.”

— Sales Director, Transnational IT Organisation