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 Peter Strohkorb, Speaker, Author, Executive Mentor, Business Coach

Peter Strohkorb, Speaker, Author, Executive Mentor, Business Coach

For CEOs, Business Owners and Sales Leaders


So, you want more customers?

  • Do you have a structured sales process?

  • How well does it work?

  • Is it scalable?

  • Does it focus on your Customers, or on your products?


Get More Customers with A Customer-Focused Sales Process.

THE 10 Action Points THAT Get You There:

  1. A brand that differentiates you from others and lets people know where to "pigeonhole" you
  2. A well-defined product or service to sell
  3. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and a Killer Introduction, that intrigues your prospects and makes them want to know more about you and your business
  4. A clear definition of your ideal customers
  5. The knowledge of where to find them
  6. The understanding of how to get to them effectively 
  7. The know-how to eliminate your competitors so that your business becomes the Buyers' final and only choice
  8. The skills to get your prospects to transact with you
  9. A superior customer experience, pre-, during- and post-purchase
  10. The know-how to keep customers loyal, win their repeat business and tell all their friends

So, How Does Your Current Sales Process Stack Up?

To find out, download the Discussion Paper and Self-Checklist:

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